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Web Site Development

A website is no longer simply designed, it is planned, created, developed and eventually evolves into a website. Virtual Life can provide assistance in the following aspects of the development of your website :-

  • Web Site Interaction

Virtual Life has built a reputation for delivering components that are tailored to individual tasks that can be embedded within an existing website to extend its capability(full information here).

  • Search Engine Marketing

There is a prevailing myth that your carefully researched and time consuming entry of databsed-content can not be indexed by search engines.

Virtual Life can provide the skills to help your site reach higher positions and become more visible across the 19 major search engines (full information here).

  • Content Management Systems

If your site contains a wealth of information, and is static in nature, the job of updating and maintaining the site becomes a labourious task, and if you pay someone else to do it, an expensive and frustrating one.

Virtual Life can design and implement an engaging system of content management that allows you or your customers/ associates to add information to the site or to share information across a range of topics with a self-administering management system, attached to your website (full details here).