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I read an article in a top internet magazine, which discussed the principle that the heady days of the 'Internet First', were well and truly over. The case being, that the marketing ploy of announcing to the media that their website was the first to do this or the first to do that, were behind us and now the sites had to deliver real content and deserve the billing they had launched under, does this ring a few bells?

In essence, the argument was valid, but what gives us hope for the future, is that the majority of these ideas have been done and done badly. Most of these concepts were created by business men with no real perception of the potential within the Internet and the technology behind it. Further, the Internet has evolved, but those 'Internet Firsts' have not.

There is a new land of opportunity, which will be ignored by the media, in the same way that the first few years of the Internet were largely overlooked by all, except a few college students, who now earn more than you or i will ever know.

This 'second coming' of the internet will define a new set of rules which will drive the Internet to new heights. Broadband is here, and the proposals for the next level have already been set with SDSL becoming more widely available.

So the question is, who will act in this short term void, to position their web presence above their competitors ?