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VIRTUAL LIFE- Terms of Business 2004

1. Company: Is ‘VIRTUAL LIFE’, Who's office is at : 1, Powhay Mills, Tudor Street, Exeter, Devon, EX4 3BT

2.Customer: Means any person who requests or on behalf of a company or private individual to undertake any business or provide advice, information or services.

3. Project & Component Order and Delivery: Orders may be placed by letter, E-Mail, telephone or facsimile and must contain order details. Quotes will be issued and approved prior to project commencement and strict aims and objectives will be agreed between parties. Company reserves the right to deliver part of orders and accept no liability whatsoever to the delay in delivery. Any delivery charge will be notified when the order is placed. All goods and equipment remain the property of VIRTUAL LIFE until full payment is received even if delivered. Any claim for damages/shortages of delivery must be made within 48hrs and submitted in writing after goods are dispatched. We accept verbal instructions on the understanding that you have accepted the terms detailed herewith and as published on our website. Any items not covered in aims and objectives of project, at commencement is considered extra work and will be quoted for and dealt with separately.

4. Payment Terms: Payment must be made strictly 7 days from the date of invoice. 30 days, if you have a credit account. Payments are payable to VIRTUAL LIFE. Failure to make the payment on the due date, company shall be entitled to charge 10% interest above basic rate on the overdue amount per month. The company reserves the right to cancel or suspend all trading arrangements at it's discretion or for late payment. Applications will be made via the Courts for non payment and will incur additional Court fees and debt collection charges. You will not withhold payment alleging faults with your system/network.

5. Return of Goods and Faulty Goods: VIRTUAL LIFE will only accept goods when they are returned with prior authorisation. A 15% restocking fee will be charged for goods that are not faulty. This is strictly operated with no credit policy. Faulty goods are only for repair or similar product replacement. Carriage for faulty goods may be charged.

6. Specifications and Technical Data: All goods are supplied to company's standard specification unless otherwise stated. Company makes all reasonable efforts to ensure the accuracy of technical details but such details are not contractually binding on the company. The company reserves the right to change technical data without notice.

7. Warranty: New Goods - If within a period of 1 year, otherwise specified in a trade contract, after delivery, the goods prove to be defective, the customer shall at their own cost and following the return of goods procedure above, return the goods to the company. If upon inspection VIRTUAL LIFE agrees that the goods are defective, we will repair or replace the product and return it to the customer at the cost of VIRTUAL LIFE including you original postage charges. VIRTUAL LIFE will not be held liable for damage to equipment or consequential loss in the fitting or configuration of components that were not supplied by VIRTUAL LIFE These components are fitted at the owners request and risk. Secondhand goods will have a warranty specified i.e. 30 Days or No warranty.

8. Your Data: VIRTUAL LIFE does not accept liability for lost or damage of data, it is your responsibility to back up and verify your data. We will do all we can to protect your data. Physical faults with data storage devices and viruses make it impossible for us to guarantee data in any way what-so-ever. You are also required to disclose full details of existing hardware and software together with configuration details and passwords.

9. Data Protection: VIRTUAL LIFE only recover or view data we are asked to recover or as is required to correct faults, we do not look for your private documents, passwords, bank details, medical records, images, mpegs, mp3's unless asked to recover them or view them. We recover files by type i.e. .doc, .xls etc. We are not judge-mental and we respect people’s right to privacy. This policy does not however extend to third parties. VIRTUAL LIFE cannot be held responsible if data of any type is read, viewed, copied or used in a malicious way, whether legally or illegally viewed, used or copied. If you require your hard drives to be wiped prior to disposal or reinstallation, please advise your engineer.

10. Your Equipment in our Possession: We will only cover the 'average used market value' of your equipment whilst in our possession; we will not be liable of any consequential loss or damage of or to your equipment or data what-so-ever it may be.

11. Disputes: In the unlikely event of a dispute you must in the first instance put your complaint in writing (not email) and give VIRTUAL LIFE the opportunity to rectify the situation. You will agree to abide by these terms and conditions and agree not to challenge them in a court of law in any way what-so-ever.

12. Cancellation of Appointments: If you have a booked time for a developer or training instructor and cancel without 48 hours notice you will be liable to pay for 50% of the hours booked. Our developers and trainers do not work for free; they are still required to be paid even if their appointment is cancelled